Athens Chapter - Focus the Nation - January 31st, 2008!

"Global Warming Solutions for America" ; "Our World, Our Future, Our Choice"  


The Future of the International Climate Change Regime: The Post-Bali Picture
Dr. Dan Bodansky is internationally recognized as one of the premier authorities on global climate change. He joined the University of Georgia Law School in 2002 where he is the Associate Dean for Faculty Development. He holds the Ernest Woodruff Chair in International Law. He teaches public international law, international environmental law, and foreign affairs and the Constitution. In addition to consulting for the United Nations in the areas of climate change, he has served as the climate change coordinator and attorney-advisor at the Department of State.

Georgia and Global Climate Change: Challenges and Solutions
Dr. James W. Porter is the Josiah Meigs Professor of Ecology and Associate Dean of the Odum School of Ecology at the University of Georgia. He is a marine ecologist specializing in the biology and ecology of Floridian and Caribbean coral reefs. In 2005, he received the prestigious Eugene P. Odum Award for environmental education for the Ecological Society of America, and he has testified many times before Congress, most recently on the effects of global warming on coral reefs. Dr. Porter's award-winning photographs have appeared in Life Magazine and The New York Times, his work has been featured on ABC World News, NBC Nightly News, and CBS Evening News.

Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Climate Change:

Dr. John Bergstrom is Richard B. Russell, Jr. Professor of Public Policy and Professor of Agricultural and Applied Economics at the University of Georgia. His research and teaching is on valuing natural resources and applying economic values in resource decision-making. In addition to private industry, he work extensively with federal, state, and local agencies on projects related to examining the benefits and costs of natural resources, and the environmental and agricultural policy.

Dr. Corrie Brown is the Coordinator of International Veterinary Medicine for UGA’s College of Veterinary Medicine and a Josiah Meigs Distinguished Teaching Professor. Her professional interests are in infectious diseases of food-producing animals, merging diseases, and international veterinary medicine. Dr. Brown has published or presented more than 250 scientific papers and has testified before Congress on issues involving agroterrorism. In addition, she has served on many industrial and federal panels, and has been a technical consultant to numerous foreign governments on issues involving infectious diseases and animal health infrastructure.

Dr. Tom Lawrence is a Public Service Associate with the University of Georgia, and has more than 25 years of professional experience in engineering and environmentally related fields.Currently he is a member of the committee writing an ASHRAE standard on high-performance green buildings, and as an ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer, he has given presentations and workshops on green building design at venues around the world. Dr. Lawrence teaches courses in Building Environmental Control and Green Building Design, and he has published numerous papers on sustainable design. As part of UGA’s Engineering Outreach program, he is helping to coordinate efforts to reduce building energy costs within the State university system.

Dr. Ron Carroll has conducted research into various areas of conservation ecology in West Africa, Latin America, Caribbean region, and in the southeastern and southwestern United States. He was Director of the University of Georgia’s Institute of Ecology for six years and was one of the founders of the River Basin Center. He is currently co-Director, along with Laurie Fowler, of the River Basin Center, a campus wide unit of the University of Georgia that investigates science and policy issues that influence land use and water at the scale of watersheds and river basins. In addition to numerous articles in scientific journals and a renowned graduate textbook, he is a co-author of Agroecology, the first book to treat the ecology of agricultural systems.